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My name is Magali, Maggie for the site and forum. I am 26 years old, and I live in the "Pink City", Toulouse. My first meeting with Angie go up again at The Bone Collector. After, I succumbed at the Tomb Raider freak. I adored her as Lara Croft, who I think present Angie in the true life : a sexy woman, wild, clever and brave. At last, I find she is incredible in two films which I love so much : Alexander and Mr & Mrs Smith. More, her tattoos collection, her "cash-talking" and her engagement for UNHCR convinced me that Angie is a full of genius girl.
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Personal website : Le Boulevard des Stars


My name is Kunopès (Fred in the real life) and I am 36 years old. I'm fan of Angelina Jolie since I've seen Hackers on TV in 2001. I admire her for her whole being, her personnality, her movies, and, well, her unique beauty. She's a whole personne and I take her exactly how she is, with a predilection for her "bad" youth, her tattoos and her sincerity showed through some of her sentences during interviews and through her action for UNHCR. I have met Angelina twice, in Cannes and Paris.
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Personal websites : Uma Fiction and Le Boulevard des Stars
Blog : Geikokujin


Former members
Jolie Petit Ange

Jolie Petit Ange

My name is Céline aka Jolie Petit Ange. I'm 26 ans and live in Clermont-Ferrand. The first time I saw Angie was in Tomb Raider.
Personal website : Uma Fiction


My name is Magali (Mag for the forum and the site), I am 22 years old, I live in the south of France and I am on the faculty. I discovered Angelina Jolie rather early at the time of one of the first TV diffusions of Hackers but at that time I hadn't struck more than that. The true click has been like the majority, at the time of the release of Tomb Raider (moment to which my memories returned and where I could establish the link with Hackers and this wonderful actress). Since 2001 I am thus interested in this fabulous actress who fascine me by all the facets of her personality, her acting of actress and of course her humanitarian fight in the midst of the UNHCR.
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My name is Gersende, aka Gersouille and Gers' Bond, I'm 33, I live in Marseille and Technician in Electricity.
I discovered Angelina in Girl, Interrupted and became Angie-addict. Since that moment, I got interested in everything about her. What I like in her... well, everything, especially commitment for UNHCR, because what she does for refugees is fantastic. I love her smile, her beauty and her children. I think she's a great actress and she should receive an Oscar as Best Actress in a first role.
My other hobbies : my goddaughter, cinema, OM (soccer club), moto (as Angie), Madonna, Depeche Mode, skiing, my budgies Jack and Elgrigo, and of course "Angie's Rainbow".
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My name is Delphine, aka Delph'. I'm 28 and live in Lille (France) with my love kunopes. I discovered Angie in 2001 a few time before release of Tomb Raider and this movie turned me to a fan and addict. Movies I like the most are Taking Lives, Alexander and Mr & Mrs Smith. I love her for everything she is and everything she does, with preference for the period she was 20-25, her short hair, and her tattoos. Sexy, rebellious, committed... she is the perfect woman.


My name is Gaelle (alias Angie033), I'm 23, I live in Bordeaux and I'm a student.
The first time I saw Angelina was during Girl, Interrupted promo. Since that moment, I become more interested in that woman. In my opinion, she's an ideal : independent, generous (what a commitment for United Nations !), talented, beautiful, natural. She's actually my model and a real icone.


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