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Quotes from TV series about Angelina Jolie


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Angelina Jolie in TV series


Angelina didn't play in TV series, but she often referred to by other characters. Her name is quoted, as superstar, actress, adoptive mother, woman committed in humanitarian, girlfriend of Brad Pitt ou sex bomb.


icône Angie Reference in Boston Public and L World. No more precision.
Dexter Dexter

- Season 1, episode 8 : Shrink Wrap
LaGuerta : We both want the same thing.
Neil Perry : Uh, ten minutes alone with Angelina ?
Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls

- Season 1, episode 5 : Cinnamon's Wake
Lorelai : "You can't always control who you're attracted to, you know. I think the whole Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thornton thing really proves that."
Dr House House

- Season 2, épisode 19 : Kids
Wilson : Nobody's perfect.
House : Mother Theresa ?
Wilson : Dead.
House : Angelina Jolie ?
Wilson : No medical degree.

- Season 2, episode 5 : Daddy's Boy
Cameron : Who was that ?
House : Angelina Jolie. I call her mom. Who thinks that's sexy ?
CSI New York CSI : NY

- Season 1, episode 4 : Grand Master
Stella Bonasera is examining a blood sample.
Danny : That Angelina Jolie's ?
CSI Miami - Horatio Caine CSI : Miami

- Season 2, episode 16 : Invasion
Introduction of episode is about the movie Tomb Raider.

- Season 3, episode 4 : Murder in a Flash
Calleigh : It's the latest in beauty trickery. The ingredients make all the blood rush to the lips and stain.
Eric : And what's the purpose ?
Calleigh : To look like Angelina Jolie.
Eric : Ah...I like that.
NCIS - Antony DiNozzo NCIS

- Season 1, episode 10 : Left for Dead
Tony : "Oh, so you're thinking more Emma Thompson than Angelina Jolie ?"

- Season 1, episode 12 : My other left foot
Tony : You can't control who you're attracted to. The whole Julia Roberts, Lyle Lovett thing proves that. Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley.
Kate : I get it.
Tony : Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

- Season 2, episode 20 : Red Cell
Tony : "The first rule of Fight Club is that you never talk about Fight Club ! That's a great movie. Brad Pitt, Edward Norton. It's like the greatest guy movie ever."

- Season 2, episode 22 : Swak
Acteur Steven Eckholdt playing a doctor named Brad Pitt : "My name is Dr. Brad Pitt. Yes that is my real name and we are not related. I wish we were though. I'd love to meet Angelina Jolie."

Ducky : I spoke to a Dr. Brad Pitt.
Abby : You're kidding.
Ducky : No that's his name. He made a point to stress that he is not related in anyway to the actor.
Abby : Hey did you hear when Brad and Jen split up ?
Gibbs : Abby !

Abby : "I have this friend who is a transvestite and her lips could out-SWAK Angelina Jolie's."

- Season 2, episode 22 : Switch
Tony : "Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Identity mystery. Then there's our Smith. Identity. Mystery."

- Season 7, episode 19 : Guilty Pleasure
McGee : Well, if it isn't TCad.
Tony : What ?
McGee : TCad. It's what I'm calling you guys now, you know the cute couples contraction. TomKat, Bennifer, Brangelina ?
Numb3rs Numb3rs

- Season 4, episode 15 : End Game
Magazine cover in the shop.
Numb3rs - Angelina Jolie Numb3rs - Angelina Jolie In Touch - The Wedding of the Century

- Season 5, episode 3 : Blowback
Don Eppes questions a producer who "got Brangelina on speed dial".
Supernatural Supernatural

- Season 3, episode 1 : The Magnificent Seven
Dean : What's in the box ? (pause) Brad Pitt ? Se7en ? No ?

- Season 3, episode 10 : Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Dean : Dude, you were making some serious happy noises. Who are you dreaming about ? Angelina Jolie ?
Sam : No.
Dean : Brad Pitt ?
Sam : No !"

- Season 4, episode 9 : Know What You Did Last Summer
Dean : So I'm "Girl, Interrupted", and I know the score with the apocalypse. Just busted out of the nutbox. Possibly using super powers by the way. Where do I go ?

- Season 5, episode 7 : The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Referrence to movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt.

- Season 5, episode 11 : Sam, Interrupted
Referrence to movie Girl, Interrupted.
True Blood True Blood

- Season 1, épisode 2 : The First Taste
Tabloïd titles "Angelina adopts vampire baby".
True Blood - Angelina adopts vampire baby
Will & Grace Will & Grace

- Unknown season, unknown episode
Karen says she had sex with Jon Voight

- Season 2, episode 20 : Girls, Interrupted
Bill : Isn't being married great ? Is there anything better ?
Karen : Yeah. Riding on the back of a Harley with Angelina Jolie.
Six Feet Under Six Feet Under

- Season 5, episode 6
Nate watches Beyond Borders on TV.
World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, a quest given by Razelcraz refers to Gone in Sixty Seconds.
Avertissement mineur X X X

Some pornographic movies refers to Angelina's filmography, such as Womb Raider and Jewel Raider after Tomb Raider, or Mr & Mrs XXX after Mr. & Mrs. Smith. This movies are X rated so be careful if you are under age limit.


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Angelina Jolie around the world :

Azerbaijan : Ancelina Coli
Bangladesh : অ্যাঞ্জেলিনা জোলি
Bulgary : Анджелина Джоли
China : 安吉丽娜 · 朱莉
Korea : 안젤리나 졸리
Croatia : Andželina Žoli
Georgia : ანჯელინა ჯოლი
Greece : Αντζελίνα Τζολί
India (tamoul) : ஏஞ்சலினா ஜோலி
Iran : آنجلینا جولی
Israel : אנג'לינה ג'ולי
Japan : アンジエリーナ ・ ジヨリー
Liyvia : Andželina Džolija
Macedonia : Анџелина Џоли
Russia : Анджелина Джоли
Serbia : Анџелина Жоли / Anđelina Džoli
Slovakia : Angelina Jolieová
Thailand : แองเจลินา โจลี่
Ukraine : Анджеліна Джолі




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