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The Good Shepherd


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In the Second World War, Edward Wilson becomes a member of the intelligence service OSS. When the Cold War begins Wilson joins CIA. As the Bay of Pigs debacle unfolds, Wilson, now head of CIA counterintelligence, begins searching for a mole in the organization who tipped off the Cubans to the clandestine invasion. In the course of searching for a traitor, Wilson looks back over the betrayals of his own life, from abandoning his true love for a shotgun wedding with his friend's sister, whom he impregnated, to the murder of his mentor and finally, the assassination of his own son's fiancee, a double agent.  



Title : The Good Shepherd
Taglines : "Edward Wilson believed in America, and he would sacrifice everything he loved to protect it." ; "The true story of the birth of the CIA through the eyes of a man who never existed." ; "The untold story of the most powerful covert agency in the world." ; "All our dirty secrets start here." ; "Who is the good shepherd ? The one who looks after his family or the one who looks after his country ?"
American movie
Genre : Thriller, drama
Length : 2 h 47 min
Year of production : 2006
Filming dates : 15 august 2005 - 31 january 2006
Release (USA) : 4 july 2007
Release (France) : 11 decembre 2006 (premiere) ; 22 decembre 2006 in theaters
Director : Robert de Niro
Distribution : Universal Pictures
Production : Universal Pictures
Producers : Robert de Niro, James G. Robinson & Jane Rosenthal
Executive producers : Chris Brigham, Francis Ford Coppola, Howard Kaplan, Guy McElwaine & David Robinson
Writer : Eric Roth
Film Editing : Tariq Anwar
Cinematography : Robert Richardson
Music : Bruce Fowler & Marcelo Zarvos
Costume design : Ann Roth
Casting : Sig De Miguel, Amanda Mackey Johnson & Cathy Sandrich
Art direction : Robert Guerra
Production design : Jeannine Oppewall
Set decoration : Gretchen Rau, Leslie E. Rollins & Alyssa Winter
Filming locations : New York, Washington, Dominican Republic, England
Budget : 90.000.000 $
Opening gross : 9.912.110 $
Box office : 99.480.480 $ (world) ; 59.952.835 $ (USA) and 39.527.645 $ (foreign)



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Casting :
Producer : Rainbow Team
Script : Kunopès
Art directors : Kunopès


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